Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick KDE-Telepathy update - we bumped some dependencies versions

Hey all,

just a quick update about KDE-Telepathy - we've bumped the needed versions of some libraries that you need to compile & run the KDE-Telepathy suite.

The most important one is Telepathy-Qt4 - you need at least version 0.7.3.  We also strongly suggest to use Telepathy-Gabble version 0.13.7 as there were some hard crashes in the previous versions, which results in silent infinite connecting-connected-disconnected loop of Jabber accounts. This is not really needed, but should you experience this behaviour, please update your Gabble package before posting bugs.

Some of our components, like telepathy-send-file, now requires kdelibs 4.7.0. In the next KDE-Telepathy release, 0.3, kdelibs 4.7 will be mandatory (sorry Debian testing users).

By this we'd like to encourage all packagers to package at least Telepathy-Qt4 and Telepathy-Gabble (Telepathy-Haze won't hurt too) from the latest released versions.


Source: http://martys.typepad.com/blog/2011/11/quick-kde-telepathy-update-we-bumped-some-dependencies-versions.html


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