Thursday, November 3, 2011

The power plug metaphor - Lukas Smith

Was talking with my dad about Hermann's blog post today, where I propose the following metaphor: Interfaces are exactly like wall sockets. Would you say that having the same wall sockets has stifled innovation? Would you say its a good thing that we have different plugs in different regions of the world?

Haven�t we still seen people work on different ways to get power into wall sockets and different types of machines using the power coming out?
Also look at stuff like these twist sockets for additional security, they are compatible with the original connectors, but expand on the original idea for specific scenarios.

Now is this stopping innovation? People are still developing inductive charging for example. Atm most are build on top of a standard wall connector, but I am sure there are also some that use solar power etc.
This is what I am talking about. I do not want to prevent people from working on inductive electric powering. I just want to make it so that you can take your code from one region of the world to another without having to carry a bag of adaptors around.

Note: This is a repost of a comment I put on the blog post by Hermann.



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