Monday, November 7, 2011

Jiffy Bag Time!

This was one busy weekend! We had the Krita bug day, of course. But that wasn't the only thing happening: finally the printed comics were delivered! Consquently, Animtim took the train to Deventer and spent the weekend drawing dedications in the pre-ordered comics.

Meanwhile, Irina was busy preparing the list of addresses and printing the address tickers. Then it was time to start stuffing the jiffy bags:

Sort the jiffy bags

And stack them

With a huge stack as result:

Now all that is needed is to get the stamps and send them off, and everyone who pre-ordered a comic-book + dvd pack will get to see the result

If in the coming week or two you do not receive your order, or your order is not correct, please mail me! It's the first time we've done something like this...

And if you haven't ordered your copy, there are still a few left, so don't hesitate, and go to the Krita website and press the order button!



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