Saturday, October 22, 2011

So What Does 15 Years Of KDE Look Like?

So, I thought I would take a quick look at what KDE community “looks” like after 15 years under development. So here I will briefly show off three visualisations with no particular comment. I will just leave them here for your amusement.

So let’s start with the now-infamous green blobs (click to enlarge):

Green Blobs for KDE's First 15 Years

For the uninitiated, a quick lesson: Each column in this visualisation represents the commit history of everyone who has committed to KDE SVN. Each row represents a week, with the most recent weeks being at the top. If the contributor committed during that week, they get a green blob, otherwise it is left empty. For each column the committer, the date of their first commit and the % of weeks in which they committed (of those they /could/) is given.

You might remember from my last blog post that I charted the growth in the number of accounts in KDE SVN. With such a steady growth in contributors, should we expect something similar in the daily commits and committer trends? Of course we should…

  • Daily Commits (click to enlarge):

I will admit that I have doctored this data ever-so-slightly in order to filter out the days in which script went crazy and created 1000s of commits by itself.

  • Daily Committers (click to enlarge):

Daily Committers in KDE SVN

So there you have it, 15 years of KDE development reduced to just three pictures! Of course, I could try and do 1000 more visualisations of the work in KDE SVN and still get nowhere near to telling the whole story. As the commits and committers plots show, KDE git really is the place to be. It is incredible how quickly contributions to KDE SVN have dropped to circa 2001 levels.

So, a big “congratulations” to my chums in the KDE community. Happy birthday and all the best for the next 15 years!



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