Saturday, October 15, 2011

KWin on Pandaboard

Thanks to Canonical and Linaro I received a Pandaboard some time ago. Finally I succeeded in building KDE on this device (I have never seen crashing compilers before). And I am proud to announce that kwin_gles (master) runs out of the box without any adjustments on this board.

As today is also KDE’s birthday I present the KDE Crew: All my devices running KWin on one photo (the next to be konquered device was involved by doing the photo).
KDE Decice Crew

The screen on the left is connected to the pandaboard between the right screen and the laptop. As you can see it is running Unity-2D with KWin. I tried really hard to show a real Plasma on the Pandaboard, but Unity did not liked to be killed ;-)

We see KDE is prepared for the devices coming in the next 15 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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