Saturday, October 22, 2011

DirectFB contribution to the Qt Project

The Qt project was launched today, I got my 15 DirectFB patches merged, got some first experience with Gerrit, created an account for the Qt wiki, fixed some documentation, so all in all I think it is the great start of the Qt Project we have been waiting for! So thank you very much for all you involved with it!

Now to something completely else, somehow I like to see the parts that are not great yet. But most importantly it is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved with the Qt project and improve things. So here is my short wishlist for the Qt project.

  • Single account for the Bugtracker, Wiki, other services.

  • Read-Only access to gerrit.

  • Public CI based on Jenkins, right now build failures will still point to internal Nokia servers. I assume KDE can help a bit with the Jenkins setup.

  • Make it possible for non-mainstream QPA backends and platforms to be part of the CI System, if proven stable be considered core builders.

  • The wiki being part of the Qt project should be part of the Qt Project, the license should probably be made compatible with the license of the Qt documentation, to allow copying from one to the other.

Once again, thank you Nokia, thanks everyone involved!



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